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  1. Halifax rejects some LED billboards as safety hazards
  2. Night lights
  3. State may ease restrictions on electronic signs
  4. Billboards come down on Florida’s A1A Scenic Byway
  5. Digital billboards will be an aesthetic blight
  6. Town Meeting passes ban on electronic billboards
  7. Billboard begone: Flagler officials pull down sign on A1A 
  8. Digital billboards dangerously distracting to drivers says new study
  9. Do digital billboards distract drivers? Lethbridge enters debate
  10. Digital Billboards, Diversions Drivers Can’t Escape
  11. The Rise of Digital Billboards: What a Waste!
  12. Holà aux enseignes électroniques
  13. Publicités lumineuses: enfin une réglementation!
  14. Hazardous Light Pollution from Digital Electronic Billboards – pdf
  15. Carlsbad rejects freeway sign
  16. Digital signs, lighting code considered by county
  17. Moncton seeks to remove electronic billboard
  18. Driven to Distraction: The Absurdity of Roadside Digital Billboards
  19. Billboard ‘blinding’ drivers on Salamander Street
  20. Do digital billboards endanger drivers, cause light pollution? Washington County considers regulations
  21. Digital billboards and light pollution
  22. Environmental Protection Bureau of Hsinchu County, Taiwan – drafted  law to address LED billboards
  23. Scenic America lawsuit seeks to overturn FHWA ruling on digital billboards
  24. Hundreds against LED ad boards in Brixton
  25. Telus Garden screen would feature culture-rich content: developer