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  1. Cartes de la pollution lumineuse darksitefinder
  2. Carte allemande de la pollution lumineuse
  3. The World Atlas of the Artificial Night Sky Brightness
  4. Bringing back the night: the fight against light pollution
  5. Why We Need to Keep Our Night Skies Dark
  7. How to control light pollution and save money?
  8. Light Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solutions
  9. Light Pollution: An Unnecessary Expense
  10. Let there be less light
  11. 9 Ways to Curb Light Pollution
  12. Public, industry agree on light pollution so why don’t officials act?
  13. Let there be less light: Light pollution and how to track it
  14. Turn Yourself into a Skyglow Meter
  15. Light pollution
  16. Light Pollution: What it is and Why it Matters to You and Your Environment
  17. Environmental group takes dim view of Emanuel’s night light plan
  18. Spotlight on night sky light pollution
  19. Valencia. La ciudad « desastre » (en espagnol)
  20. Embrace the darkness and fight bright light at night
  21. Why we must tackle issue of light pollution
  22. How Light Pollution Works
  23. Men’s Journal: How Light Pollution Clouds the Night Sky
  24. Light Pollution Dims View Of Comet, Shrinks Our Horizons
  25. Fighting Light Pollution in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  26. ‘Illuminating debate’ at Tenby Town Council
  27. Slovenia takes dim view of light pollution
  28. Looking At The Stars: How Chile Wants To Protect Atacama Desert, Prime Spot For Star-Gazing, From Light Pollution
  29. A New Year’s Resolution
  30. The Light Pollution Reduction Challenge
  31. Taking back the night sky
  32. No need to cast shade on bright idea
  33. Light Pollution Threatens Skywatching Around the World
  34. Bluesky Begins Night Time Aerial Photo Mapping Trials
  36. We must stop pollution in all of its forms
  37. Dark sky movement helps you see the stars
  38. A city’s veins by night: Striking aerial shots reveal the extent of light pollution in Leicester – and it’s wiping out the stars
  39. Let there be light – only on your own property
  40. MSU: Is light polluting the sky? Answers could keep you up at night
  41. No More Night? The Meaning of the Loss of Darkness
  42. Let there be night. Has unnecessary lighting become a new form of home invasion?
  43. When light actually hides the big picture
  44. Time to switch approach to light pollution
  45. Cambodia 2014: Assessment of the night sky seeing and light pollution in visited places in Cambodia
  46. Survey system aims to map light pollution
  47. After complaints, Duluth’s BlueStone Commons dims the lights
  48. The Negative Effects of Light Pollution
  49. The Dark Side of Light
  50. Bright City Lights Affect Air Pollution
  51. Bell – Standard d’éclairage extérieur – pdf
  52. Why are Calgarians afraid of the dark?
  53. De l’éclairage à la frontière nuit à l’observation d’étoiles
  54. 8 ways to reduce light pollution
  55. How I Beat Light Pollution in My Hometown
  56. Our Vanishing Night
  57. What is Light Pollution? What Effects Does it Have on the World? – pdf
  58. Causes of Light Pollution
  59. Light Pollution Facts
  60. In Search of Darkness: the Battle Against Light Pollution

  61. Insert ‘dim bulb’ joke … Alderman Brian Pincott sees light, and not in a good way
  62. What is light pollution, and how do we quantify it? – pdf

  63. La pollution lumineuse – pdf
  64. La nuit, dernière frontière de la ville – pdf
  65. Lamp Spectrum and Light Pollution
  66. Let there be – darkness! Combating light pollution.
  67. Light pollution and its repercussions
  68. David L. Crawford, « Light pollution »  – pdf
  69. Opinion: Light pollution … is it important?
  70. NLPIP – Light pollution
  71. The End of Night
  72. Progress in Fight to Keep Night Skies Dark
  73. The propagation of light pollution in the atmosphere – pdf
  74. SOS SAVE OUR SKY (sauver notre ciel) – pdf
  76. « SAUVER LA NUIT » Empreinte lumineuse, urbanisme et gouvernance des territoires – pdf
  77. Do you see stars? Westmount’s light problem
  78. Do you see stars? Westmount’s light problem, part II
  79. Westmount City moves to curb light pollution – pdf
  80. Dossier: la pollution lumineuse – ANPCEN – pdf
  81. The Natural Capital – LOOK FOR: Light Pollution
  82. Connecticut’s Night Skies Are Fading From View Due to Light Pollution
  83. Turning It Down: Cities Combat Light Pollution By Going Dim
  84. Lighting the way in Bigfork: Project aims to cut down on light pollution
  85. South Jersey Skies: Losing and finding the dark
  86. Artificial Lighting and Low Carbon Cities
  87. Your Green Life: « Light Pollution »
  88. Task force wants Hong Kong lights switched off by midnight
  89. La pollution lumineuse : mes solutions
  90. Paris Illumination Ban: ‘City Of Light’ Begins Turning Off Its Lights At Night To Save Energy
  91. Looking for the light over night time St Just
  92. Light Pollution and Why We Approached Astronomy Wise
  93. Light Pollution and NASA: Combating the “Dark Side” of Light
  94. Is Light Pollution the Easiest Environmental Problem to Fix?
  95. Put brakes on light pollution
  96. I-Team: The Fight to Save Natural Darkness
  97. Darkness visible
  98. Don’t Read This If You’re Afraid of the Dark
  99. Opinion: Bright Nights, Big Problems
  100. Darkness is a natural resource and it is almost gone
  101. Goodbye, Darkness: Light Pollution Is Making Us Forget the Night Sky
  102. Connecticut’s Night Skies Are Fading From View Due to Light Pollution
  103. Survey to help clear our night skies of light pollution
  104. Bring Back the Night? Or Bring on the Light?
  105. Opinion: Bright Nights, Big Problems
  106. Taking Back the Night Sky
  107. Light pollution is a growing problem in big and small cities
  108. Vancouver man wants everyone to see stars by reducing light pollution
  109. One Earth at Night, under One Sky
  110. Drowning in Light
  111. IDA works to combat light pollution and restore dark sky
  112. A passing of the torch, Flagstaff not as bright as Tucson
  113. Ils veulent envoyer un ballon dans l’espace pour cartographier la pollution lumineuse
  114. Black Skies, Smiling at Me
  115. Dark skies at risk: more action needed by councils to tackle light pollution
  116. Shedding Light: a Survey of Local Authority Approaches to Lighting in England
  117. Creative nonfiction professor addresses light pollution impacts
  118. Five simple ways to cut down on light pollution
  119. In London, Does The Night Still Exist?
  120. Shedding Light – the survey of Local Authority Approaches to Lighting in England – pdf
  121. Meg Lowman: Too much light, or too little
  122. 10 Questions: Why Dark Skies Matter More Than You Know
  123. The Science Behind the ‘Fire Sky’ That Dazzled Spectators at Monday’s Cincinnati Reds Baseball Game
  124. Preserving the starry, starry night
  125. 10 Ways That Light Pollution Harms The World
  126. Disappearing darkness
  127. France aims to restore dark skies, turning night into night
  128. Univ should move into 21st century and address light pollution
  129. Light pollution is erasing the night sky. Can we bring it back?
  131. Event puts focus on dark night skies
  132. Loss of the Night citizen science project
  133. Disappearing darkness
  134. Bob Mizon – Light Pollution – responses and remedies – pdf
  135. Seeing Stars – State parks embrace measures to protect dark skies at night
  136. International Year of Light 2015: Addressing light pollution
  137. Light Pollution: will reducing it save our birds and improve our driving?
  138. A citizen science project to record the evolution of Light Pollution
  139. Light Pollution and the Limiting Visual Magnitude in Corvallis, Oregon – pdf
  140. Light Pollution. How Much Light is Too Much?
  141. Anti-light pollution rule for housing may apply to offices
  142. Pollution of a different kind troubles Vancouver city councillor
  143. Let there be a little less light, councillor says
  144. Elizabeth Ball seeks ‘dark sky’ legislation for Vancouver light pollution