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  1. US Department of Energy – SSL
  2. Do LEDs Attract Bugs and Insects? and Ten more Amazing Facts About LED Lights
  3. Los Angeles Completes World’s Largest LED Street Light Retrofit
  4. NB Power’s switch to LED street lights criticized
  5. Lumenpulse LED fixtures revive Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica by highlighting architectural features
  6. Seattle’s new LED-lit streets: Blinded by the lights
  7. Eaton’s LED Solutions Allow California Facility to Save More Than 50 Percent on Exterior Lighting Costs
  8. L’alerte de l’ANPCEN aux décideurs publics face aux LEDs
  9. Breakthrough High-Density LED Arrays from Cree
  10. Lighting Science® Releases the Coastal Light
  11. New LED Street Lights will Install in Yellowknife
  12. LEDs: Light Pollution Solution or Night Sky Nemesis?
  13. When Utilities Fight LED Street Lights
  14. Not your grandfather’s streetlights: LEDs light the way
  15. Cree Introduces Industry’s Brightest High CRI LED Module
  16. How LED lighting changes the way cities look on film
  17. LEDs Change Thinking About the Light Bulb
  18. L’avenir et dans le contrôle par Internet – vidéo
  19. Tvilight: The ‘talking’ streetlamps that will lighten your heart (but not your wallet)
  20. Les lumières de ma ville
  22. Hollier found LED replacement street lantern suitable – pdf
  23. Less is more – pdf
  24. Characteristics of Light-Emitting Diode Sources: Relevance for Visual Signal Detection – pdf
  25.  Energy Savings Potential of Solid-State Lighting in General Illumination Applications
  26. Life-Cycle Assessment of Energy and Environmental Impacts of LED Lighting – part 1

  27. Life-Cycle Assessment of Energy and Environmental Impacts of LED Lighting – part 2
  28. Life-Cycle Assessment of Energy and Environmental Impacts of LED Lighting – part 3
  29. LEDCanada Funds Certification Training

  30. LED lighting – a glaring mistake? – pdf
  31. LEDs, Big-Data & the Cloud
  32. Are LED Lights Eco-Friendly?
  33. Q&A: James Benya
  34. La torture des DELs, c’est notre boulot!
  35. IESNA Technical Memorandum on Light Emitting Diode (LED) TM-16-05
  36. Light! Less Light! The Evolution Of Artificial Light
  37. Is White Light a White Knight?
  38. Marcus Honnecke: Reconsider night skiing
  39. Lighting for Protected Marine Environments
  40. Opinion: The dark side of Light the Bridge
  41. High-Power Warm-White Hybrid LED Package for Illumination
  42. Politique d’Éclairage Ville de Montréal
  43. Tower of Light: When Electricity Was New, People Used It to Mimic the Moon
  44. IDA – Visibility, Environmental, and Astronomical Issues Associated with Blue-Rich White Outdoor Lighting

  45. Conseils pour éclairer avec doigté
  46. Museum Tower owners say best way to eliminate glare involves the Nasher roof; the Nasher says no
  47. Seeing Blue – pdf
  48. Inventor adds LEDs to paddle boards
  49. Lighting Controls Market Will Explode to $5B by 2020
  50. How LEDs Have Transformed the City Skyline
  51. Military Times – Is new LED lighting in Vicenza a dim-bulb idea?
  52. Bright Idea: City converts lights to LED
  53. Alerte au DEL ANPCEN – pdf
  54. Alerte au DEL ANPCEN dossier presse – pdf
  55. Cree Extends Breakthrough XSP Series Street Light Performance to Outdoor Area Lighting
  56. Just The Facts: The Lighting Facts Label and LEDs
  57. Philips and Ericsson plan to combine LED lighting and mobile broadband
  58. Is this the future of lighting?
  60. Cree Announces Next-Generation XP LED Delivering 200 Lumens Per Watt
  61. Scientists build thinnest-possible LEDs to be stronger, more energy efficient
  62. New Cree High-Density Discrete LED Delivers Industry’s Highest Performance
  63. pureLiFi announces Li-Fi breakthrough
  64. LED Lamp Efficiency To Continue Improving As Cost Decreases
  65. Go slow on LEDs while astronomers study impacts, costs
  66. Humanizing Our Smart Cities, One Light at a Time
  67. Philips Joins Osram to Lure Cities With LED Innovations
  68. LED lighting: not exactly ‘fit and forget’
  69. The Slow-Light Race Is On
  70. Lamp Spectrum and Light Pollution
  71. Evaluating Potential Spectral Impacts of Various Artificial Lights on Melatonin Suppression, Photosynthesis, and Star Visibility – pdf
  72. Lighting cities with cheap, glaring LEDs is a dim move
  73. Hands-on Activity: Measuring Light Pollution – pdf
  74. Le sentier lumineux
  75. Design for Darkness: How Outdoor Lights Affect the Sky
  76. The Institution of Lighting Engineers – The Outdoor Lighting Guide – pdf
  78. Are LEDs a good thing for dark skies?
  79. Nouveau Pont de Pedret éclairé avec les LED PC-Ambre
  80. High-Resolution Imagery of Earth at Night: New Sources, Opportunities and Challenges – pdf
  81. PS-8-14 Color Rendering Index (CRI) – pdf
  82. An end to orange streetlamps in Ledbury
  83. Les lampadaires de Saint-Honoré passent à l’éclairage DEL
  84. Light Matters: UN Celebrates The International Year of Light 2015
  85. Light Matters: Recovering The Dark Sky